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Waranagala Wild

Waranagala Wild

Experience the rare and exquisite Waranagala Wild black tea, hand-picked from ancient tea trees on Adam’s Peak slopes. With a fragrance of pipe tobacco and honey, this warming tea delights with notes of liquorice and caramel.


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More About This Tea

Waranagala Wild is an exquisite and rare black tea from a tea garden that has remained untouched for more than a century. This 100% natural tea is hand-picked from 10-20 metre-high tea trees on the slopes of Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka.

Waranagala Wild tea leaves are made only in small batches and are carefully hand-rolled. They have the fragrance of pipe tobacco and honey, infused with the nutrients from the deep layers of the soil.

It is a warming tea, with notes of liquorice and caramel, and ideal to enjoy by a warm fire.

Experience the taste of the forest in every cup of Waranagala Wild and transport yourself to the tea gardens of Forest Hill in Sri Lanka.

Brewing instructions:

Quantity of tea leaves: 3 gram
Temperature of water: 90°
Infusion time: 3 minutes
Number of infusions: 3 times
Cost per cup: 40cent


Tea Class: Black tea
Producer: Ceylon Artisanal Tea Association
Country Of Origin: Sri Lanka
Year Of Harvest: 2023
Ingredients: Camellia Sinensis
Tasting Profile: Earthy
Caffeine: Yes

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