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Meet Our Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Meet Our Revolutionizing Packaging
Meet Our Revolutionizing Packaging

Through our sustainable PaperWise packaging, we give  agricultural waste a new life!

For traditional paper, fibres are taken from trees. In PaperWise’s paper, agricultural waste replaces this proportion of fibre. This allows trees to continue to absorb CO2 and convert it into oxygen. Forests thus also retain their wide variety of life and biodiversity.

For our food supply, we grow more and more plants and crops worldwide. The food industry uses only a small part of this: when processing crops such as rice, wheat, corn,… about 80% of the plant remains unused. A double pity because:

  • Millions of small-scale farmers in developing countries only receive income for this tiny particle of plant
  • Billions of tonnes of agricultural waste remain unused. Some of this serves as animal feed, but most of it is burnt.

Why burn agricultural waste when it is a perfect raw material for paper and packaging? 

PaperWise’s paper is also made with 100% green energy, with great consideration for people and the environment:

  • Production takes place in factories in India and South America, which have great significance for local communities. Production here allows them to invest in schools, infrastructure and healthcare.
  • The environmental impact is 47% lower compared to traditional paper. Compared to recycled paper, it is even 29% lower.

Sustainable packaging goes further than just the quality of the materials used. A good barrier (e.g. against light, heat, etc.) and a more compact size of the packaging help to extend the shelf life of the tea or other food products.

Our PaperWise packaging:

  • are made from renewable raw materials
  • contribute to a longer shelf life
  • are approved for the food industry
  • comply with EN 13432 for composting
  • are DIN CERTCO certified

Our labels on packaging and shipping boxes are also made of the same material. The glue of the labels is also compostable.

Unfortunately, the regulations on composting packaging are not always clear. For the time being, we therefore recommend throwing our packaging in the residual waste. Burning it will only release CO2 that was absorbed while the plants were growing.

The cardboard of our ecological and sustainable shipping boxes is fully recyclable and circular. They are also FSC certified. This label guarantees responsible sourcing from sustainably managed forests. The wood, and all derived products, can only receive this label when there is full traceability, from forest to finished product.

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