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Artisan Tea

Experience the purity of freshly harvested tea.
Cultivated with care for both people and nature.

Natural teas

Cultivated in harmony with nature in each step of production, our farmers craft artisanal teas with a healthy brew in mind.

Direct Trade

We eliminate intermediaries, ensuring that fair compensation goes directly to our farmers.


Seeking and implementing the most environmentally friendly and ethical solutions guides our practices.

Community support

Every cup of tea you drink, helps us fund local projects in partnership with our farmers and their families.

Discover Our Tea

Explore a diverse world of tastes, from light citrusy notes handcrafted by artisans in the Mogok region of Myanmar to fresh, fruity blends curated by our specialist Nepali farmers. Each sip embodies our commitment to exceptional quality of rare tea terrains, forged by meaningful relationships with our producers. Find your perfect cup and explore our full range of teas.

In Harmony with Nature!

Nature leads the way in our tea production. While some farmers may lack official labels due to the high cost, their commitment to natural practices ensures that our teas arrive pure and bursting with natural flavours.

Give Back And Relax

With every cup you drink, you not only enjoy tea that tastes good, but also does good.
Much of our proceeds go back to tea farmers to support local projects.

Home - Tea Kulture

Giving Hope in Myanmar

In the heart of Myanmar, lies the village of Kyauk Saung, home to Mogok Tea, one of Tea Kulture’s esteemed tea producers. Amidst the backdrop of an ongoing civil war and a lack of national health care system, Tea Kulture has stepped up to provide critical medical aid, offering a glimmer of hope to a struggling community.

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Home - Tea Kulture

Supporting Education in Malawi

Satemwa Tea and Coffee Estate, nestled in the Thyolo region of Malawi, has been a symbol of tradition and quality for almost a century.
This blog post explores the importance of Satemwa Tea Estate to the local community and explains why Tea Kulture made the decision to support the Satemwa Primary school.

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Home - Tea Kulture

Supporting Education in Sri Lanka

In the lush tea plantations of Sri Lanka, education is a luxury that many children cannot afford. Limited by financial constraints, these young individuals are deprived of the basic right to quality schooling. Tea Leaf Trust, a renowned NGO in Sri Lanka, is dedicated to transforming the lives of these marginalized youth.

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Explore Our Teas

Explore the world of tea with Tea Kulture’s tasting packs. Whether you’re new to the world of tea or just looking for new flavors, these tasting packs are perfect for you. Each pack contains 3 different teas that let you discover a wide range of different flavors each time.

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