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Growing paper

Our growing paper is made of recycled paper and is completely biodegradable! You can therefore plant it in the garden without any worries. Beautiful flowers bloom from the seeds, helping to increase biodiversity: bees and butterflies will thank you for the pollen. And you can enjoy extra flowers in your garden, along with a cup of tea 😊


How to use our growing paper?

Germinating the seeds in the growing paper is easy. With these 5 steps (and a little patience) you will automatically be rewarded with colourful flowers!

Step 1 : Moisten the growing paper

Moisten the growing paper well so the seeds can germinate.

Step 2: Choose a spot to plant the growing paper

Place the paper in a pot inside, or plant it outside in the garden. From May to October is the ideal time to plant the seeds outside.

Step 3: Sprinkle soil over the growing paper

Place about 1 cm to 1.5 cm of soil (or potting soil) over the growing paper. Caution: do not use too much soil as the seeds will germinate more slowly (or not at all).

Step 4: Watering

Give a little water every day to keep the paper moist. Make sure you distribute the water well over the soil.

Step 5: Bright environment, be patient... and enjoy the result!

Light and heat are good for the germination process, but avoid full sun. This will cause the paper to dry out and prevent the seeds from germinating.

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