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Tiny Temple

Tiny Temple

Introducing Tiny Temple, a captivating green tea that transports you to Mogok Tea in Myanmar. Hand-picked and awarded an honorable mention by the UK Tea Academy, this exceptional tea offers fresh and floral flavors, complemented by subtle notes of citrus and tropical fruits.


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More About This Tea

Tiny Temple is a green tea that takes you on a journey through the enchanting flavours of Mogok Tea in Myanmar.

This exceptional tea was entirely hand-picked and received an honourable mention at the Leafies ceremony at the UK Tea Academy in 2022. Be surprised by the fresh and floral flavours, enhanced by subtle hints of citrus and tropical fruits.

Enjoy this green tea and discover the magic of Mogok Tea in every cup.

Brewing instructions:

Quantity of tea leaves: 3 gram
Temperature of water: 70°
Infusion time: 3 minutes
Number of infusions: 3 times
Cost per cup: 33cent


Tea Class: Green tea
Producer: Mogok Tea
Country Of Origin: Myanmar
Year Of Harvest: 2023
Ingredients: Mix of Camellia Sinensis and Camellia Assamica
Tasting Profile: Citrus, Floral, Fruity
Caffeine: Yes

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