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Chaen Morifuku
Chaen Morifuku

Chaen Morifuku: Excellent Japanese Tea

Nestled in the scenic countryside of Wazuka town, south of Kyoto prefecture, lies the remarkable tea estate of Chaen Morifuku. At a time when Japan’s tea industry faces unique challenges, Chaen Morifuku stands out as a beacon of innovation and passion, with their commitment to producing high-quality teas that are not only friendly to the earth and society.

Tea production in Wazuka dates back to the Kamakura period, spanning over 800 years as one of the main areas for Uji tea. The misty mountain escarpments of Wazuka provide an ideal environment for cultivating tea, although the labor-intensive nature of tea farming can be demanding. Despite the challenges, Wazuka remains a cherished hub for Uji tea, with almost half of Japan’s Uji tea being produced in this picturesque region.


Founder Ryo Morisaki, a former system engineer, made a bold decision to leave behind the bustling city life and embark on a new career as a tea farmer. His journey began in 2015 when he started training in Kyoto, with a deep desire to immerse himself in Japanese culture. Fast forward to today, and Morisaki-san has become a certified tea farmer, a Nihoncha Instructor, and even achieved 3rd place at the esteemed Uji Temomicha Competition in 2020.

Chaen Morifuku
Chaen Morifuku - Tea Kulture


One of the distinguishing factors of Chaen Morifuku is their dedication to preserving the rich heritage of Uji tea production. They carefully cultivate 100-year-old native Zairai tea plants alongside other tea varieties. In fact, their Matsunō tea field, affectionately known as Pine Ridge, has been recognized as a Cultural Property of Japan Heritage.

The tea fields of Chaen Morifuku span a humble 1.2 hectares, emphasizing quality over quantity. It is within these meticulously cared-for fields that sencha and tencha (matcha) flourish, showcasing their expertise and craftsmanship.


While embracing traditional methods, Chaen Morifuku prides itself on implementing environmentally conscious practices. Their light-steamed manufacturing method, a traditional technique in Uji tea production, ensures that the teas retain their distinctive flavors. Furthermore, the tea estate refrains from using pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and herbicides. This commitment to sustainable farming not only benefits the earth but also results in teas that are pure and wholesome.

At Chaen Morifuku, the philosophy of “Tea with happiness” resonates throughout their work. Instead of striving for an abstract notion of “the best,” they focus on understanding the ever-evolving tastes and preferences of their valued customers. Each tea has its own unique qualities, and the tea farmers at Chaen Morifuku take immense pride in bringing out the best of each tea through their dedicated efforts.

Chaen Morifuku
Chaen Morifuku


If you’re seeking exceptional teas that embody the spirit of Japan, look no further than Chaen Morifuku. Allow their exquisite sencha, tencha, and other delightful varieties to transport you to the captivating world of Japanese tea. Discover the rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and unparalleled craftsmanship that are infused into every cup of Chaen Morifuku tea.

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