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Wilder Land
Wilder Land

Wilder Land: WIN-WIN-WIN

When we think of traditional tea, such as green or black tea, we often think of big countries like China and India. This is because there you will find an excellent climate for the tea plant. With herbal tea (or herbal infusions), the situation is completely different. You can simply grow most of these herbs in Belgium and the Netherlands: chamomile, plantain, sorrel, yarrow, nettle, dandelion,… you often see them in your own garden too. Yet almost all herbs for herbal infusions come from abroad, often even from far outside Europe. That is why Wilder Land is the maverick in the range of Tea Kulture. 


Wilder Land goes local with herbs and shows that quality produce and nature restoration go well together. It saves many kilometres of transport, is good for our local nature and also produces delicious tea.

Wilder Land - Tea Kulture
"To restore nature, we will have to reconnect with nature. Naturalising ourselves and our landscape. Towards a Wilder Land. Where all kinds of life grows, blooms and vibrates."
Wilder Land - Tea Kulture


Everyone knows them: the elongated meadows where cows and sheep graze. They have a nice clean and green view. But on many of these meadows only one type of grass grows, usually ryegrass. They are green deserts rather than flowery meadows with birds, bees and butterflies. Biodiversity, a kind of scoreboard that shows us how well the earth is doing, is poor on these meadows. The more species of flowers, birds and butterflies, the better.


Wilder Land works with farmers to encourage this biodiversity back. Pieces of unused land are sown with native herbs and (weeds)herbs. The flowers of these herbs attract insects that are needed to pollinate crops. In addition, the herbs and flowers are ideal for making tea. 
Some of the sown herbs are picked, dried, and then further processed in a processing facility. The rest, at least half, they leave for insects to enjoy. After the flowering period, the wind takes over and the seeds are scattered across the land. Thus, in spring, herbs will grow in even more places. This way, nature gradually takes over again. Nice and wild and pure nature: the herbs are never sprayed with pesticides.

Wilder Land - Tea Kulture
"We believe we should move towards an economic model based on nature restoration. Because when economic and ecological progress go hand in hand, everyone reaps the benefits. With Wilder Land, we prove that it can be done."
Wilder Land


Nowadays, Wilder Land buys some of the herbs because there is not enough yield from its own harvest. But the more people choose Wilder Land, the more herbs they can sow. The goal is to go 100 per cent local tea in the next few years.
So when you drink herbal tea from Wilder Land, you directly contribute to the restoration of local biodiversity. The more herbs they sow with farmers, the more bees, birds and butterflies come back!

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