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Ginger Bliss

Ginger Bliss

Ginger Bliss is an aromatic blend of cinnamon, ginger, elder flower, and liquorice root. Let the spicy notes awaken you while the sweet undertones provide a harmonious balance.


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More About This Tea

Indulge in the warming flavors of Ginger Bliss herbal infusion. This delicious blend of aromatic cinnamon, fiery ginger, sweet elder flower, and soothing liquorice root will transport your senses to a state of pure bliss.

With its unique combination of herbs known for their revitalizing properties, Ginger Bliss is the perfect companion for those seeking a moment of relaxation. Let the spicy notes of ginger and cinnamon awaken your senses, while the sweet undertones of elder flower and liquorice root provide a harmonious balance.

Savor this extraordinary tea blend, designed to uplift both body and mind. Experience the power of nature’s finest ingredients.

Brewing instructions:

Quantity of tea leaves: 2 gram
Temperature of water: 100°
Infusion time: 5 minutes
Number of infusions: 2 times
Cost per cup: 17cent


Tea Class: Herbal infusion
Ingredients: Ginger Root, Elderflower, Liquorice Root, Cinnamon
Caffeine: No

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